Websites related to the The Ballaarat Reform League

Eurekapedia - The Ballaarat Reform League's Eureka wiki has hundreds of articles on Eureka

Ballaarat Reform League on Facebook - The Ballaarat Reform League's Facebook page

Culture Victoria - holds the original hand-written Charter of the Ballaarat Reform League with a full transcript of the document.

Eureka Centre, Ballarat - holds the Eureka flag, on loan from the Art Gallery of Ballarat

monster meeting, chewton

Visit Chewton's
Monster Meeting website

Ballarat Art Gallery - has many paintings associated with Eureka

Monster Meeting - is all about the Great Meeting of Diggers held on 15th December 1851 at Forest Creek (now Chewton)


eureka flag
The Eureka flag - The Southern Cross

Contact us:

Ballarat Reform League Inc.
PO Box 1964
Ballarat Mail Centre VIC 3354


The Ballaarat Reform League and the events of Eureka were central to the development of Australia as an independent democratic country.

There is much to honour